Make the Most of Your Holiday Season, don’t spend time lost down small roads…
These super satellite navigation systems and dash cameras are easy to use, work straight out of the box and are every keen motorhome and caravan owner’s dream.
Simply mount on your dashboard and not only will it give you reliable routes, you’ll also be kept up to date with all the latest traffic news and will always know where your nearest campsite can be found. Programmed with 30,000 sites as points of interest, the Aguri ensures you’ll easily find somewhere to park up and explore. And thanks to FREE Lifetime Map updates, you’ll never need to pay download or subscription fees.
Motorhome and Caravan with Confidence
If you’ve ever been directed along a lane that’s far too narrow for your motorhome, you’ll know that the situation can be stressful. But with the Aguri, you need never find yourself in a tight spot again. Simply input the sizes of your vehicle and you’ll only be given routes that are suitable for the height, weight and width of your motorhome or caravan.
Steer Clear of Speed Traps
The Aguri Truck TX520 also comes complete with a speed trap database — installed and ready to use. So you’ll have advanced warning of all types of speed traps/including police Radar while you are on on your travels. The Dx 1000 dash camera also has speed trap and camera detectors if you’re not looking for a SAT NAV.
Can’t imagine your life without one?  Then make your motorhome or caravan/car complete this season and save £50. Phantom are proud to be the only selected reseller for these brilliant touring products. So simply visit our shop at and purchase them now on the site with our current £50 saving.
Visit our website now for our offers or call us on 0161 4764050.

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