Therma Dry Slippers

If you, or somebody you know, needs some new slippers then look no further than Summit’s ‘Therma Dry’ Slippers. The hollow fibre filling combined with the polar fleece lining keep your toes dry and warm, no matter the weather.


Best Features

⭐️ They are waterproof.

⭐️ They have an easy to clean surface.

⭐️ These will be the warmest slippers you’ve ever owned!

⭐️ You can wear them indoors or outdoors.

⭐️ They have a durable rubber sole.


My favourite things about them…

⭐️ I don’t slip on my laminate floor anymore!

⭐️ I don’t need to put my shoes on to put the bins out.

⭐️ Since we adopted 2 little guinea pigs, I can pop out and feed them in the morning while I’m still in my pj’s and slippers and don’t need to worry if it’s been raining.

⭐️ When I’ve dropped sauce on them when I’ve been cooking, I just wipe them clean!

⭐️ I love that they match with my training gear when I’m having a relaxing day at home.


What would be your favourite colour…black, blue, purple or green? I think they’ll come in very handy on my next holiday away in the caravan!

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