Trentfield Farm Camping and Caravanning

View from a park owner….wardens.

We love being park owners, meeting lovely people, living in a great location, and having the flexibility of a seasonal business, and many of our guests fancy a crack at it or at least being wardens.

Our park is in a great location, being between Lincoln and Sherwood forest, and there are dozens of great attractions within a 30-40 minute drive. We are in an idyllic location being on the banks of the Trent and it’s a far cry from the town and city life many customers live.

So, unsurprisingly, we get many questions about being an owner or the work of a warden, so here is a few words to the wise. Sadly it’s not just sitting on the mower on sunny days and collecting money and chatting to people.

During the peak season, it’s relentless!! 7 days a week and 60 hours plus are not unusual, blocked toilets, emptying bins, the odd disruptive customers (normally after to having a few!), consistently mending broken items as well as hours and hours of cleaning the toilet and shower block and the delights that sometimes brings.

Luckily, it’s all worth it, we meet wonderful people from all walks of life, and having a season as a warden is worth due consideration.

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