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Government Funding for Business Expansion

If you have the potential for growth, you can access Government funding for a Growth Coach to help you to expand your business.

Our strategy consultants will help you to achieve your potential by identifying barriers to growth and workarounds. We will provide tailored support that fits your needs, including coaching, consultancy, mentoring and training. Find out more


  Government Funding for Business Skills

We have learned from years of experience that having a strategy and a business plan is a great start, but you also need to improve business, leadership and entrepreneurship skills to be successful.

If you are part of the Growth Accelerator scheme, the Government will pay 50% of the cost of our new Chartered Management Institute (CMI) certified leadership and entrepreneurship programmes. We will deliver the learning over 3 months in classroom or webinar settings and our industry experienced tutors will mentor you as well. At the end you will receive a CMI certificate or diploma and free membership of CMI for a year. Improve your business skills

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