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We are open monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday closed on thursdays and sundays. Orders are normally dispatched next day if ordered on the monday or tuesday, we do run an appointment system as well so if you would like to visit us please ring 02476303228 to make sure we are available

About electric bikes and ourselves
Cycling is a favorite past time of many and if you enjoy caravan/boat or motorhome holidays you know the shops are always a few miles away. With an electrically assisted bicycle the hills are a breeze while you get fitter than you could imagine. Cheaper to run than most alternatives at only a few pence to charge the battery.
The Electrobike puts all the fun back into cycling without any downside. Many of our customers are seniors who see this type of exercise as an ideal way to keep all the joints mobile or to strengthen arthritic or poorly knees without ever pushing themselves too hard and the frame entry point is very low to help this.
While it wont propel you up a hill unassisted the effort required is made minimal. All electric bikes are strictly governed by E.E.C regulations on motor size and they must be able to be pedal assisted which is why you see electric scooters with pedals. The electric power must also be cut off if you go over the 15mph limit but you can carry on to pedal past this. If these regulations are met you don’t pay tax, Insurance and no MOT or license is required.
We have been around for over 14 years now and have all parts you will ever need and a technical backup that is second to none. Everything on our bikes has been thoroughly thought out so they are fully adjustable to fit your body shape. You can move the handlebars backwards or forwards or even replace them with a shape that suits you. The seat is adjustable to enable you to move the saddle backwards and forwards and this means if your shorter you can touch the ground and be near the bars while if you are tall you can move the bars further away and your knees wont be close.
Having been in business for over 14 years we know exactly how to make you feel comfortable and haven't yet found a challenge we couldn't solve. We are excellent mechanics available to help keep your bike running smoothly having previously run a  speedway motorbike shop for 13 years and a large village garage for 10 years. We are a family based business and we pride ourselves on being able to offer you the best after sales service. We have been around a long time now and this is important as we see new companies arrive every year full of promises and special offers and they nearly all go out of business within a very short time. You then find yourself left with a bike which has no spares or service. We spend no money on advertising because our customers become our advertising. If you are at a Motorhome show you will see hundreds of people on our bikes please stop anyone and ask them if they are happy and what our service is like. We do our very best to give you old fashioned service that’s long disappeared  because each of our customers is our best chance of another sale in the future.
Who to buy from
All the products you see can look the same and all the salespeople smile to sell to you so it can be hard knowing who to buy from and who will continue to look after you long term.
If you go on holiday you probably check the place you stay and local attractions with trip advisor to get a idea of what to expect.
If you are buying any products to do with motorhoming/ caravanning you can check unbiased customer  reviews on and On these forum sites are reviews of everything you can imagine to do with motorhoming/ caravanning.
When looking at us please check our reviews that go back years and this should give you confidence in our products and long term after sales service.
We give you a one year no quibble warranty on our bikes but as our reviews will tell you, your please and thankyou’s work wonders. We always try to help you for as long as we can as long as you remain polite and cheerful. If you attend any of the outdoor caravan/motorhome exhibitions we always strive to carry a full workshop full of nearly every spare you may need. All you need do if your attending a exhibition is drop your bike off at the start of the day, enjoy your day and look around the show. When you get back 95% of the time your bike will be sorted and please and thankyou is your only charge. While we do help with every repair we can we do point out that at most shows we may be too busy to service your bikes brakes and gears but any reputable cycle shop is able to do this for you in a few minutes.