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Saving your buisness money on your energy bills.

EV requirements.

Save up to 25% on your commercial energy bill!

Another step forward in providing a full solution.

Buy and SAVE on your commercial consumption with Click4Leisure Energy. We have access to most of the market as a dedicated sub broker as well as relationships with the TOP 6. 

Click4Leisure are here to help. Tired of outsourcing energy bills without pricing control has led us to invest in our team. We now have no doubt that we can save business owners money.

As well as saving money, we go a step closer to being a one stop shop provider for all utility requirements.

Our in house brokers await your call and can get you a price quickly. This is a free none obligation service so what is there to lose. Let us prove what we can do for you. 

Utility Services. Installations. Metering. Energy Savings. Procurement.

Expires 31st December 2022