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At Last! Tailored Caravan Covers and re-upholstery that is measured and fitted in your van.

No more need to lose any rentals or enjoyment of your caravan we come to you to measure and fit !


Have you been looking to give your caravan a makeover? We have the perfect solution with our tailored Eeze caravan seating covers. Our covers fit that well you will be hard found to notice they are not fully re-upholstered and with the added benefit of being fully removable for cleaning purposes, we ask? Why go to the expense of full reupholstery when our covers can look so good. Maybe you do want them buttoning and not removable? No problem we can also do this all in house.


Questions we are often asked


  1. My sofas have arms on how can you measure this on site

Answer. Our tailor Paul has been manufacturing tailored covers for over 30 years so he can work out the most difficult of shapes. Please see our recent work


      2. I have been told my cushions are too complicated for covers

Answer. Totally untrue! A lot of companies want your furniture in house so they can strip and copy your original templates, we tailor make our templates.


      3. Can I supply my own fabric?

Answer. You can but our fabrics are chosen for durability and strength and we keep our prices realistic


      4. I cannot be at my caravan when the tailor calls.

Answer. No problem we are often sent keys, given the key safe code, can collect from the site office or even post to us and we will send back recorded delivery! our tailor Paul is also the business owner so he takes pride in leaving a clean van and is perfectly trustworthy.


      5. I need new foam can this be purchased?

Answer. Yes we can supply new foam

      6. I would like new curtains/blinds

Answer. No problem we can supply these too and have a vast range of fabrics to view online please send email to admin@eezecovers.co.uk


We have hundreds of fabric samples from patterns to plains and everything in between, to keep our prices realistic we do not send out sales people instead we are happy to send out fabric samples, simply email us at admin@eezecovers.co.uk and give us a good idea of the type of thing you are looking for once you have placed your order our tailor will also bring books with him so you can still change fabric selection when he calls.


Ideal for!


  • Giving your caravan a quick and cost effective makeover

  • Protect your original Caravan upholstery and retain your caravan value

  • You have got children and pets no more need to stress when bringing the beach home

  • Thinking of selling? You will be amazed what a difference  new covers will make.

  • Eeze to clean and more importantly Eeze to fit as we put long zips on to ease fitting


Eeze Covers

Bringing new life to caravans and sofas


Please call us on 01484 400116

Or email admin@eezecovers.co.uk