Duvalay – Some advice on buying a new caravan mattress!

Duvalay – Second Hand Mattresses

There is no doubt that a “new to you” caravan is one of the best feelings in the world and as soon as you collect it, you look forward to nothing more than heading to your favourite holiday spot to explore and investigate everything that your new caravan has to offer.

One thing rarely discussed with a new to you caravan, is the bedding. Duvalay have entered the market place with a solution to many of the hidden horrors that may be present in your new caravan. We have always recommended replacing the mattress, and here are some reasons why that is a good idea.

Sweat and body fluids are absorbed and we all know how warm caravans can get in the heat of the season. Without going into too much detail, there is evidence to suggest that pints of body fluids can be soaked through the mattress daily through these warmer months. Starting a fresh is a simple solution to making a used caravan as “new to you” as possible. If a new mattress is too much of a commitment, them a mattress topper is a good alternative consideration.

Damp and sweaty mattresses can be a breeding ground for Dust Mites. We don’t need to explain the details of them sharing a bed with you but these little mites are associated asthma, eczema and allergies. Once again, mattress protectors and regularly cleaned bedding is a best solution here.

Uneven mattresses and back pain are regularly linked to the poor alignment of your spine. Quite often it is seen in used caravans where the mattress is heavily worn in certain areas. We always advise a good quality new mattress to allow your body to be supported as necessary. Get the comfort you deserve from your new caravan by starting with a good nights sleep.

We all know that caravanning is a social hobby and the likelihood of friends, family or children joining you can be quite likely. Why let them see your ageing mattress in all its glory when you can prove all of their expectations wrong. A portable mattress topper or good quality memory foam mattress will ensure a great experience and a good nights sleep and we all know what happens next… They will be popping along to a dealership near you to explore the hobby that you have enjoyed for so many years.

Duvalay entered the caravan market following such a huge demand for quality bedding in a neglected industry where it was almost accepted that with a caravan, comes a relatively poor mattress. Because most now caravan all year round and use their pride and joy more than ever, there was a perfect opportunity to introduce a bedding range that would ensure a home from home nights sleep. From toppers, to mattresses and with a lovely selection of accessories, we advice you check out their website.


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